Services Provided At GATE Translations, we undertake:

  • General Translations
  • Financial Translations
  • Legal Translations
  • Technical Translations
  • Medical Translations
  • Advertising & Promotional Translations
  • Marketing & Public Relations Translations
  • Literature Translations
  • Specialized Translations

We also provide the following services:

· Proofreading & Editing
All of our translators produce translations of the highest quality. However, to ensure the utmost accuracy in our translations, we also offer additional proofreading/editing by a second translator. Moreover, we can edit any documents which you have written or translated, and ensure that they are of the excellent quality.

· Website, Software & Hardware Localization
Website, software & hardware localization is the process of translating and adapting of websites, computer hardware, and software from one language to another, with particular emphasis on the conversion of dates, currencies, time, numbers, and metric systems.

· Online Multilingual Marketing Research
Online multilingual marketing research is the methodical research, collection, and analysis of data in relation to product & service marketing across various languages.

· Multilingual Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Optimization pertains to the choice and use of specific keywords in order to increase the traffic to a website. By tracing and translating the most advantageous keywords, we shall ensure that your website ranks highly on Internet search engines.

Labels, trademarks, manuals, advertising, codes of conduct, financial charts, press releases, confidential documentation, transcripts, academic essays, theses, certificates, agreements, contracts, patient information leaflets, compositions, stories, novels - no matter the style or form of your text, our services shall be at your disposition exactly when you them, helping you to approach foreign employees, investors, consumers, clients, organizations or the press.

It has been proven that companies trading with foreign countries have a higher ROI (Return on Investment) when they invest in high quality translations. Such quality can only be guaranteed by the use of professional translators, which is why we only employ professionals.